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You purposely got this for me. *sniff* UGH! UGH! *slo-mo ugh*#RIPMatthias *coughing* Oh My Gosh dude What’s going on guys? I am Matthias! Welcome to 10 strange things we found on Amazon! Guys, Bryan went on And found some weird things at least he thinks are weird And I’m going to figure out whether I should buy it or pass Some of these things maybe even too weird for me and y’all know I buy a lot of weird stuff Make sure you click that bell icon to get notified of my uploads because I live stream 30 minutes before and comment 30 minutes after on every video Almost every video I livestream on now also There’s some secret products that I show in the live streams are doing it end up in videos.

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What? Yes, yes, yes! Lego Sculpture exclusive Taj Mahal ***RARE*** Well, that’s a really great picture dude. That’s as big as the picture gets. *stutter* There’s no details. No details, and it’s five Thousand dollars, but five only five dollars shipping that’s only one left. There’s reviews There’s four customer reviews someone paid 5 grand for this here’s the question before I pay 5 grand for something $5,000 I need a little bit more information than this crappy picture. Just a little bit more information literally no description Let’s look at what it was actually supposed to look like. Still, even three grand for something like that Like that’s tiny dude. You can buy a star destroyer That’s literally like two three times the size of this and have it be way cheaper than that How many people are in the set? Over 6,000. Does it come with your own butler, pool, bugatti, and like three million dollars? Yes.

Amazing great buy. I wonder who wrote that. overpriced not as rare as stated I mean, like if you have all those lega pieces lega pieces then you can make it yourself right? Is this a joke? No, it’s not. that’s a pass that’s a hard pass guys guys if you’re part of the Notification squad if you hit that bell make sure you give this video a like right now So I know you up in here supporting that bell icon BING! Redneck back scratcher the best or at least the biggest back scratcher on the planet. I love how they’re like the best Meh, maybe it’s not the best at least it’s the biggest in their title on the planet funny gifts for men for 30th 40th 50th birthday not 35th or 33rd birthday or the 44th birthday, not appropriate Only appropriate for the 30th 40th and 50th birthday Father’s day Christmas gag gift for guys with a back and a funny bone That’s a mouthful.

So you this contours due to the shape of your back. I think that’s a manufacturing defect I think it’s just the way it’s made watch our funny videos on Haha, Brand TV on Youtube. The Redneck back scratcher has 15 times Just like having your wife and your ex-wife scratch your back at the same time Hi, just cringe Here’s my question out of this dude find three separate women to scratch his back I bet those are his daughters on the left And that’s his wife on the right we had like a little bit little Tiny Little clip where I couldn’t figure out what he was doing right [here] watch Was he playing drums. he was dancing. don’t knock his [dancing]. that was [that] was drums . He was playing drums yeehaw I’m not done watching his videos What am I watching is this it. oh my Gosh there is three He’s going to town dude. [He’s] the best danceing redneck I’ve ever seen. GO Jacob . just for those ads I’m gonna Say buy it add to cart Yeah, redneck back scratcher.

Yeah. I’m gonna do it inside the shirt dude Ouch,ow,ow it’s scratching its scratching That’s definitely just a normal rake that I’m using on my body. It’s working though. I’m [not] stopping just gonna break you in a little bit Just they’re just like ouch okay? Here’s the issue They’re way, too Sharp because they’re designed to actually rake and not designed to actually scratch your back if they’re designed to scratch your back They’d have rounded edges not these corners because that’s actually literally probably like I have cuts on my back [right] now back flakes No, oh you sickos that I see skin flakes on man you do cat body pillow in Gray Eighty-nine dollars for a cat body pillow this is creepy This is who I getting the creeps from this one dude because that’s like a human body So you can sleep with a giant cat cat by pill oversized stuffed cat great gift I? Don’t know who that’s a gift for I’m questioning life choices if I’m going to buy that our kozy Kat body polls are irresistible with a precious face featuring beaded eyes and a cute little nose I Don’t know man.

That’s the only picture that they have oopsies Unfortunately this cat looks like a scary bear it is not soft and cuddly and it is quite scary to look at throw that in Someone’s room while you’re cleaning your room And maybe like try to walk in there [taking] [that] thy God is a giant bear in my room I got this for my gf because she loves cats It’s actually super ugly and smaller than expected first off but not worth the prices at all goddess for Christmas And it looks nothing like the picture it looks overstuffed and the neck and head are basically one piece What does that even mean? It’s kind of scary looking if the picture shows one thing the product should be the same thing unsatisfied with the outcome, but this for my girlfriend And she absolutely loves it.

I disagree with the other review one hundred percent this product to stop you Kelly, not at all scary Verified purchase not as cute as everyone saying not as cute as the picture I’m gonna pass. That’s a pass Archie Mcphee Instant Underpants Just add one pair these underpants are conveniently compressed into a compact pellet, okay? You throw it in water then it expands and then you put on Wet underpants But that was the whole reason why you needed new underpants because they were wet and remember. It’s better to have dance Underpants and no underpants at all. I don’t know about that I mean, there’s a case to be made for no underpants at all. You know going commando. Yeah, like we’re what position Are you in life when you’re like? I wish I really had underpants on the go But does it work not sure but it? Strictly as a gag gift, okay? so it’s a gag gift waste of money didn’t work didn’t open as Directions indicated tried Several different ways with [that] success gag gift was that it didn’t do anything ha ha ha Won’t buy again worthless even as a gag gift I mean wouldn’t you think it should work it even as a gag gift if it doesn’t work? It doesn’t even work as a gag gift.

[oh] That’s add to cart let’s try it boom baby Underpants just add water one pair. Well don’t mind if I do fits most adults Whilst even smaller than inside there okay, so now we have that Okay, so this is really really compacted in here. I don’t want to rip it So what we’re going to do because this looks like super cheap paper. It doesn’t even look like fabric It looks like super cheap compressed paper lets us watch Hold on mom. I’m getting a clean underwear out How we’ve got something here look at that look at that. We absolutely have a pair of Underwear, I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s clean underwear there It’s definitely underwear. I’m not going to try [this] on Sorry, there’s oh I get crazy for Youtube , but trying on lingerie from the audience. That’s not my thing. Just some sexy lingerie It’s a real sexy [piece] of lingerie yeah, dude these work as a gag Maybe they are expecting like the typical whitey tighties But this is still Under where I would say I say it’s a good buy it you like it is put it on dude ah no banned Coffee the strongest coffee in the world Super strong caffeine content Wow that may give you a heart attack.

I’d actually be worried about that She’s just like whatever. This is what I have every morning. I get wired this is the world’s most caffeinated coffee ever like ever ever also known as Berserker jitter juice. Oh my gosh dude three cups you hear the craziest fastest drummer ever glorious beef No way, that’s your heart racing warning It is safe [for] the typically healthy adult to consume a total of 400 milligrams of caffeine per day this is equivalent to four cups of normal coffee or one cup of strongly brewed band coffee 400 Milligrams that is crazy intense oh my gosh what would you do with this like if you wanted one cup of coffee you just like College too much dude one time. I had a strong cup of coffee Which is probably just normal coffee for most people unlike my skin crawl the entire day literally I felt my skin crawling it felt so it felt so horrible. I was like. Oh, and I like Look at me. Do they add additional caffeine to this coffee, or is it just a super strong bean formulation don’t waste your money It’s nasty is not even answering it.

This is like stop It’s just nasty don’t even do it doesn’t live up to the hype but okay I’ve become a coffee snob looking for the strongest yet best-tasting coffee I can I can use in my expresso machine while banned coffee is good. It didn’t live up to the hype [aw] bummer I’m going to pass because I don’t want to die. Thank you very much Guys look who showed up Look who showed up my luna my daughter in case you haven’t met her isn’t she adorable and there’s my wife back there Hi, Amanda she’s looking at me like If you want to see more luna and stuff like that make sure you should follow me on snapchat Here’s my snap code boom all right.

You want to look at some weird Amazon items I’m waiting for an answer Okay, that’s a yes, Mr.. Bacon Bacon flavored toothpaste I hate bacon flavored things and you should too, baby you should to trust me on that only real bacon for you Not you’re too young for that entirely bacon flavor toothpaste non fluoride potent smoky meat flavored paste Mm-Hmm no please no thank you. This was purchased as a white elephant gift It was a hit, but this has a white housing why so many white elephant gifts? You can’t wait to see how it goes over tasted So very gross, but was purchased as a gag gift so all is well Haven’t opened it, bought this as a white elephant gift what what are they all in the same everyone’s like in the same? [El] white elephant party, they’re just like that’s what I got to and they all thought it was a hit [Ya] know nasty everyone loves bacon Yes, everyone loves real bacon, not people don’t like fake bacon right even she’s getting worked up about it No, fake bacon say it with me.

No fake bacon all right here we go add the cart You gotta hold it This Luna Luna its feet You pick it up for [me]. Nope. Nope. No, it does go in your mouth, not your mouth it goes in mine, Mr. Bacon’s flavored toothpaste makes your breath bacon Fresh You purposely got this for me I? Forgot [that] you didn’t like bacon flavor stuff. I don’t like anything flavored. I’m just going to smell it I figured you were I thought invite toothbrush for oh My God do it gosh that it’s potent way more potent. I thought it was going to be oh That’s no bueno.

No bueno Go mangle is fashioned Gama. Go headphone wine glass charms Drink Mark. Grew six pack home $25,000 that must be a glitch or something because $25,000 there’s no way It’s just like little plastic thing material glass there is no way that’s glass for return policy in Non-product problem customer has response for shipping and fifteen percent restore feed 25 grand yet It was glad you’re thinking the cheapest packaging too. He says it’s like a dollar store products. No reviews no nothing just 25 Grand only two left in stock order soon finally heart. I dude I [think] 1 million life That’s a path that in the past Moneymaker Royal by Royal Magic okay, so this is like maybe a magic trick thing and some money maker includes money Maker Gimmick and instructions we recommend this trick for Beginners a visual bill switch that requires no sleight of hand you faked out that you make money with it She’s like make me some money Make me that money bring home the bacon bed a plain piece of white paper is run through the money maker as the paper Emerges from the other side it has turned into a real dollar bill is it real mo no it’s not LOL It’s for a magic trick is the money and and you buy things with it The question gets asked almost daily no it does not make money that would be illegal you provide the money and use The paper that’s supplied with the trick.

She’s really getting shook by the fact that it’s not making money. It doesn’t work It’s a waste of real money on fake Magic that doesn’t work I think these people think like it actually makes money or something like that very cheaply made I was hoping it would have been Made better I spilled I don’t know I said that What I was like wait, very cheaply made I was hoping it would have been made better. I used to own One when I was a young boy, and it was made very sturdy But this one made not so good palma size small, and it’s a waste of money. What is that? What is that even relevant palm size, but also it’s a waste of money. Ok let’s try it. I’m Gonna I want to see if we can make some Magic happen add to cart 9mgnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnbhvosup Um money maker Magic trick money make a Magic trick.

Here’s what’s up? We’re going to see how we do this it Included this paper a couple paper a couple piece of patients a couple paper come here That are the exact same size oh money This looks fake too doesn’t it this is a real hundred-dollar bill not fake I know. It’s real you don’t [think] I’ve ever seen a hundred dollars before Brian oh I see So basically what’s happening here to deconstruct you can see? This the fabric in here rolls up into this side of the fabric so what ends up happening? You load it in like this, and then it gets caught up in there and doesn’t out the other side oh You see when you see the other paper the white paper on the other side Oh ok, and then yeah as that’s hidden in there.

I’m like guys check this out. I’m a lot of two magicians Yeah, you’re a little boom Yeah That’s not supposed to do that you see this boom That’s lucky for you not bad, and then you and then it looks like [ok] [ok] I want to turn this 100-dollar bill into a worthless piece of paper I Dig that though I think this is actually cool. If it was made better. That’s pretty cool perfected this paper inserted boom Uh-huh, that’s cool. That’s actually a pretty good illusion Tibetan Silver fish axe phurba Khandga flaming sword. Hey Check this out. We got we got like a Sword the foot and there’s a fish it’s a fish axe.

This is dope dude. I can’t even buy it though Brian See all buying options okay sku these sellers 15 Grand makes a great gift handle so quality design fits with my Eastern tapestries and Incense Holders 5 out of 5 banished all five of my demons would buy again I’m sorry. I wouldn’t spend that much on a sword even if dragons come on You want of dragons dude it is video hitting know this job if this video hits two million likes? I’ll buy it no [I’m] being serious How about this if this video it exceeds likes for how many subscribers? I have then I’ll buy it so this video gets more likes and I have subscribers, then I’ll buy it So these are the 5 money, and I month it’s got it. So it’s got to catch up That’s what I’m saying. I got them. I got I got to get my money’s worth right? I got to make sure this video goes viral So I can afford it should we even put this on hold or should they just deny cuz there’s no way I’m gonna get that many like tonight tonight guys There’s no way if you do if you do somehow come together and like the video that much like sure so lucky They’re like a time limit like let’s say like in two years.

Yeah, everyone here one year you have one year Wyndham dual tank though we’ve done this before right, but remember the uproar over not buying oh yeah. Oh yeah Did we buy it brian your voice has been heard ah? Show it to me, baby Salad oh my gosh its enormous, okay, you’re not going to be able to see it on that camera down there But check this out. It’s another [me]. Oh, it’s literally the same picture on every side what the heck? Nora, oh, wait there. We got a tag we gotta tag same fixer. What the heck man What is this used for for all your tailgating needs and you know all right? Let’s let’s go Let’s go, and see if anyone will take any drinks dispensed from this in the office How them how much is in there? Can you see the level yeah? its gonna spill over to your back dude. No stop oh So cool there we go dude there you go [jose] [taste] a little more them Hey, Lakota it works just a little slow, so You’re going to have this you don’t like you is this if you’re going to use this around you know you got to do you? Have to have conversation topics on Standby.

How’s the weather? Oh blue? it’s pretty sunny outside I can’t seem to do it this high because the the the level of the beverage dispenser is lower So I have to do it really low which makes it look like I’m peeing I Can’t do this by myself. You got to have it. You gotta have a companion 12 Maybe have conversation with as well as one to lock you up and load you up when you’re ready to go there We go look at [that] blow look at that flow bro. I think this is a buy it 35 bucks I say buy it guys make sure you put this video right there as you can see in the thumbnail.